• Design of temperature controller based on self-tuning PID
  • Research on Elevator Controller Based on GPS Positioning Alarm
  • Application and Effect of Automatic Loudness Controller in HD Channel of Guizhou Radio and TV Station
  • Application of Programmable Controller in Inlet Water of Ship Bunker
  • Application and Research of Independent Servo Controller
  • Humidity control system of greenhouse based on Microcontroller
  • Research on High Precision Temperature Controller for Annealing Furnace
  • Parameter Tuning of PID Controller Based on Critical Proportion Method
  • Research on Intelligent Robot Controller for Hydrothermal Forming of Hull Plate
  • Design and Simulation of parameters of permanent magnet synchronous motor PID controller based on genetic algorithm
  • Analysis and Treatment of Short Circuit Fault of Fire Automatic Alarm System Controller Circuit to Ground
  • Design of Air-cooled Radiator for IGBT Motor Controller
  • Analysis and Optimization of EMI Characteristics of Vehicle Communication Controller
  • Development of High Precision Automatic Ranging Controller for Laser Cutting
  • Application of Microcomputer Controller in Control System of Hydroelectric Generator Set
  • Software Design of a Wireless Sensor Controller Oriented to Three-Dimensional Perception
  • Design of Charger Controller Based on DSP
  • Main Failure Codes of PPC Controller and Removal Method
  • Design of Intelligent Solar Energy Controller Based on Single Chip Microcomputer
  • Drawing Method of Root Locus of Dahlin Controller
  • Design of Energy-saving Controller for Pumping Unit
  • Research and Application of S6201G Intelligent Industrial Controller in Safety Monitoring of Coal Mine Railway Self-contained Vehicle Transportation
  • Application Analysis of Programmable Logic Controller in Electric Heating Boiler Control
  • Principle and Application of Panasonic FP1C40 Programmable Controller
  • Self-tuning algorithm of PID controller based on internal model method
  • Design of DC Motor Controller Based on Fuzzy Control PID
  • Design and Research of PI Controller of Fluidizing Machine Based on AVR Single Chip Microcomputer
  • Design of Precision Air-conditioning Fan Controller Based on DSP
  • Research on the Path of Connecting the Teaching of Programmable Controller Applied Technology with Enterprise Requirements
  • Design and Implementation of SDN Controller Based on Cloud Platform

    WISDOM is dedicated to the research and innovation of thermostatic elements.

    Newly developed molecular synthesis thermostatic material, with higher expansion rate and excellent temperature - motion performance.

    WISDOM products widely used for a variety of industries, e.g. automotive, HVAC, sanitary, industrial control, etc.

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    Thermostatic radiator valve for underfloor heating, zone valve actuators, hot water radiators, radiating ceilings and walls, etc.

    Domestic Hot Water

    Thermostatic mixing valves for domestic, healthcare, hotel and leisure facilities.

    Pressure Relief

    Fully automatic pressure and temperature relief protection for domestic hot water supply tanks and heaters.