Probe for T&P valve

The T&P relief valves provide fully automatic pressure and temperature relief protection for heaters and hot water storage tanks. The thermal probe is the key component of T&P valve, when sensing excess pressure or temperature, the probe expands and lifting the valve’s disc off its seat to discharge overheated water.

Ester Thermostatic Probe

An Extraordinary Improvement

Take 99°C T&P valve for example, as its physical characteristics, wax start melting and expanding since 40°C, which makes wax-made probe generate motion slowly.

The valid working temperature range for a 99°C T&P valve is between 94°C till 99°C. Yet wax probe already has about 3mm of stroke when temperature reaches to 94°C. And that mentioned 3mm has nothing to do with the valve function, instead it increase the risk during its installation and usage.

Wisdom probes start motion at right 93°C, increase stroke as temperature rises, perfectly cover the valid working temperature range of T&P valve.

Once the working temperature reaches, the valve opens and discharges pressure and water as rapid as possible, to improve safety and reliability.


* The maximum working temperature could be 300°C

Product Structure

1. Compressed stainless steel spring; 2. Stainless steel piston; 3. Thermostatic material; 4. Copper shell.


* based on practical test data