Company Profile

Wisdom Thermostats has over 20 years of experience researching and developing of self-actuating thermostatic temperature control technology. Now Wisdom has been a leader in the design and manufacture of thermal actuators and thermal control valves. Wisdom serves a multitude of industries: water heater, plumbing, water mixing valve, fluid control, thermal bypass valves, automotive, military defense and many other applications.

Equipments & Facilities

Our high-quality products are guaranteed by progressive technologies and precise facilities, as well as professional technicians to ensure the accuracy of manufacturing process.

Located in Shaoxing city, Zhejiang province, Wisdom owns 3000 square meters of R & D center and automatic production plant, all the manufacturing equipments and experimental facilities are developed, fabricated by its own engineer team.

Thermal Material Treatment: to crush, mix, pelletize and shape the thermal material into designed size.

For thermal material used below +30°C, it is required the whole process under -10°C environment.

Element Riveting & Vacuum Machine: automatically rivet-sealing and vacuumizing for thermal elements.

Element Extrusion & Test Machine: automatically test and extrude the element body at required temperature, to achieve consistency. Max. test Temperature: +300°C.

Auto End Sealing Machine and Leakage Tester: to seal the ending of T&P valve probe, with capacity of 10000 units per day in total; after end sealing, to examine leakage and pressure of T&P valve probe.

T&P valve Probe Complex Platform: all new T&P valve probe platform, with capacity of 12000pcs per day. Integrated function of assembling, rivet-sealing, vacuumizing and testing.


Thermal Actuator / Valve Complex Platform: to test actuators or valves’ pressure, leakage and temperature performance, under working condition.

Element Durability Tester: to test element temperature, pressure, rubber sealing, anti-decline, stretch strength and service life.

* Wisdom element already been passed 250000 times continuous test during 3 years.

High Precision Constant-Temp. Tester: to test elements’ temp-stroke data, and stimulate performance curve.

Test temp. range: -50 °C till +300°C, with resolution of 0.1°C.