TV/HAT Temperature Control Valve

The TV/HAT series valves are driven by temperature, valves are fully open at setting temperature and automatically closed at approx. 10 deg.C higher. Can be applied as steam trap, overheating protection, freeze protection, etc.

  • Rapid temperature response, improves system efficiency
  • Wide choice of setting temperature
  • Stainless steel body, fittings, spring, and plug; corrosion resistant for long service life
  • Compact design, easy installation


Used as steam trap:

The TV/HAT series valves are ideal for replacing steam traps, with its great sensitivity can effectively reduce live steam losses.

To prevent overheating on tank heating coils:

The valves will be automatically closed once the coil temperature higher than set point, therefore reduce the risk of over-temperature damage.

Used as freeze protection:

When temperature falls down, the valves open allows condensate to discharge before freezing.


Connection: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" O.D.

Valve body, lock nut, retainer of SS-300

Seal O-ring for EPDM and seat seal for PTFE

Open/Close temp. range: customized

Max pressure: 300 psig

Max temp.: 300 deg.F (149 deg.C)


Used as steam trap:

(1) After condensate generates and temperature cools down to the setting point, the valve opens to discarge condensate.

(2) Condensate are rapidly discharged and higher temperature steam follows.

(3) When the temperature increases to to setting point, the valve remain closed.

The TV/HAT valves maintain the system remain the setting temperature, providing accurate process temperature control and high efficiency.