T&P Relief Valve for Steam Boiler

Especially developed for high temperature steam boilers, for the protection against excessive temperature and pressure in emergency conditions.

The maximum working temperature of Wisdom T&P relief valves can be 160°C.

Max. Working Temperature: 160°C

The working temperature range for Wisdom steam boiler T/P relief valve is 150°C or even 160°C, which is the only T/P relief valve that higher than 100°C in the market.

Selected Components

Valve body:

Cast bronze body, dezincification resistant for superior reliability.

O - ring:

FKM O-ring provides max. resistance against elevated temperature.

Thermostatic probe:

Especially developed and manufactured by Wisdom, to guarantee accuracy and reliability.


Compressed stainless steel springs are corrosion free and ensure preciseness control for pressure relief.

Accurate Temperature Control

The thermostatic probe and its temperature control ability is the key of T/P relief valves.

Wisdom T/P relief valve probes employ its own newly developed thermal material, compared with wax made ones, they have advantages of preciseness, high discharge rate and much more powerful stroke.


Accurate temperature control:

The tolerance of setting temperature of Wisdom T/P relief valve is ±2°C only, far better than American and European standard of ±6°C. For instance, the practical working temperature of 95°C valve is betwwen 93°C till 97°C. As a result Wisdom T/P relief valves are much more safe, besides avoid valve opens prematurely.

Higher discharge rate:

The Wisdom probe piston rises quite fast: since 93°C, for every 1°C temperature increases, the piston rises 1mm; to attribute higher discharge rate.


In order to increase its thermal sensitivity, certain copper powder must been mixed during its fabrication of wax  T/P relief valve probes. After certain cycles of melting-solidification, those copper powders will be sinked down toward the bottom of wax, causing the valve failure. While Wisdom probes no need any additive, with supreme reliability and prolonged service life.


Setting temperature:

150°C, or 160°C

Actual working temperature:

147 - 150°C or 157 - 160°C

Return Temperature:

Setting temperature minus 5°C

Standard setting pressure:

0.35 MPa till 1.0 MPa; greater than 1.0 MPa can be customized

Probe Length:

88mm, 128mm, 350mm, 380mm

Nominal pressure:

PN 10

Discharge rating:

10 kW