VAV Diffuser Thermostatic Element

Variable Air Volume (VAV) diffusers provide the best solution for several individual spaces, in which might have different heating-cooling requirement. The VAV diffusers are powered by thermal actuators without use of electric, monitoring room air temperature and adjust air volume to the conditoned space.

Wisdom thermostatic actuator is placed directly in the path of supply air flow, with the max. stroke range of 12mm / 15mm, or more; in the temperature range of 17°C till 27°C for air conditioning application, or 0°C till 30°C for ventilation.

C4011100 series - Specification

C4001000 series - Specification

Temperature vs. Course Curve

* Based on practical test data of 20°C till 27°C.


Thermostatic diffusers are energy-saving system, working as individual control without electrical connections.

The thermostatic diffusers with a built-in thermal actuator, continuously adjust the volume of air flow (warm or cold) into the room, in response to room temperature.